Embark on a pathway to greater health, happiness and wellbeing. Have the courage to be healthy and improve your energy, vigor & vitality.

At Coolangatta Apothecary of Natural Medicine we focus on incorporating the use of several modalities to help you gain optimum Health and Vitality.

Our aim is to assist you in transforming your health through great nutrition with wholesome nutritious food so that long term supplementation and medication is avoided.

The first consultation will take about 1 hour this is because a thorough assessment of client health status needs to be made. Generally what can be expected in the first assessment is a thorough case history, blood pressure, weight check, nail, tongue and stool analysis, iridology. This assists to gain a holistic health picture attempting to identify the root cause of your health issue responsible for the imbalance (such as lifestyle, diet & environmental factors at work & home) and assess which of the body’s channels/ systems have been affected.

My aim is to treat the whole body and identify the underlying causes of your health issues not just the symptoms so you not only get well but stay well by identifying the causative factors.

Be sure to bring in with you a copy of any tests you may have had done recently (eg hormone tests, iron levels, blood pressure readings etc

Upon analysis health, lifestyle and dietary advice is given and if necessary nutritional and or herbal supplementation may be prescribed. My goal is to optimize wellness by encouraging clients to make lifestyle changes with support for their own personal health – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We will work together on a health plan with measurable goals to meet your expected outcome, needs, desires. Quality of life can be improved with lifestyle and dietary changes.

If subsequent sessions are likely they will be for a shorter period, depending on the condition experienced.  The following steps will generally form the basis for any naturopathic consultation:
Case history
Diet and nutritional analysis
Stool, Nail, Tongue analysis

Manipulates soft tissues of the body including movement for a precise therapeutic effect. I use applicable techniques, lubricants and movements according to the client’s needs and responses. This promotes the healing process, which begins at the cellular level assisting soft tissues in repairing, restoring functional integrity and aiding return to health. Passive stretching moves can also be used.

Remedial massage is used to treat chronic muscular-skeletal imbalances, sprains, strains, bruising or any injury where the skin is intact. It is a Deep tissue massage removing blockages, adhesions, damaged cells and scar left after injury, speeding up recovery and encouraging more thorough healing. Assistance for conditions created by lifestyle for example Posture, Back pain and repetive strain injury etc.

Intended to increase the flow of blood and lymph, especially in the injured areas, with stimulation to the blood supply thus allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed, the peripheral nervous system is relaxed therefore easing pain and discomfort, toning and relaxing muscles to improve joint mobility. Improvement to the health of cells, repairing of tissues, and easing of stiffness and tension can also be experienced through therapeutic relaxation

Pioneered by Per Henrik Ling a Swedish physiologist promoting relaxation, warms up the muscle tissues releasing tension and gradually breaking up knots or adhered tissues. Swedish massage can relieve tightness and pain.

Swedish Massage is a method of long strokes, friction, kneading, percussion, tapping, vibration and shaking motions that apply pressure between muscles and bones, rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. Swedish Massage will leave you feeling good, is relaxing and revitalising.

Swedish Massage purposely increases the oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles. Benefits include increased circulation without increased heart load, shortening recovery time from muscular strain, stretching of tendons and ligaments, skin stimulation and is soothing to the nervous system. Reduction in stress, both physical and emotional, and is suggested for part of a regular program for managing stress.

Lymphatic massage is a very light relaxing massage promoting lymph flow in the body as well as drainage. Especially good for detoxification, post cancer, pre- and post-plastic surgery and post-liposuction, edema,  it can also help with cellulite treatments, spider veins, scar tissue, redness and acne.

The lymphatic system is a slow-moving system of watery fluid that contains waste products that is supplementary to the system of blood circulation. The lymph system both delivers nutrients to the cells and removing and destroying waste, dead blood cells, debris, toxins, pathogens, and cancer cells.

Drink plenty of water after a lymphatic drainage massage to help dispose of toxins. Avoid alcohol and salt after a massage, as they inhibit the body’s ability to dispose of toxins.

Using a combination of Swedish and Remedial Massage techniques, to support the tensions and pains that can be experienced during pregnancy. These can be caused by the extra weight and change in the centre of gravity.

Pregnancy Massage is beneficial throughout pregnancy. Many physical benefits can be experienced through Pregnancy Massage reduction in peripheral swelling, soothing the nervous system, helping to prevent insomnia, back pain and muscle cramps.

Various techniques can be used as the client progresses through the pregnancy, massage may be performed whilst she is lying on her side, seated, or on a special table that allows her to lie on her stomach. Once advanced in pregnancy, she is discouraged from lying on her back as this can cause pressure on deep blood vessels.

The baby benefits from your relaxation aswell.

Regular massage throughout the pregnancy is also said to shorten labour time and the return to optimal fitness after birth.

Principally based that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to every part of the body including glands and organs. The feet are a mirror image of the body systems and by stimulation/ manipulation to certain points stagnation is relieved.

As a firm pressure is used reflexology is not ticklish. If a specific part of the body is out of balance, the corresponding reflex may feel tender or sore during treatment. Steps may be taken to rectify this discomfort so please advise during treatment. Mainly people describe any areas of tenderness as a ‘sweet pain’ which is both bearable and beneficial.

Cupping is founded on the meridian theory of the body and has a dual purpose in one way removing any stagnation in the body and opening the meridians so qi will freely flow, the other way it can help by rejuvenating certain organs and meridians that are not at optimal function.

Scientifically cupping is known to assist the lymphatic system, promoting blood circulation, and is great for repairing deep tissue.

Cups can be moved or left in place for ten minutes although the time can range from five to fifteen minutes. Congestion of blood flow will cause the skin to redden. By pressing the skin on one side the cup is removed. Some bruising on the skin where the cup was placed is to be expected.

Recommended for treatment of pain, gastrointestinal disorders, lung diseases (especially asthma and chronic cough), blocked and stagnant qi and is also used for other problems.

Cupping may influence the body a couple of inches into the tissues, thus causing the tissues to release toxins, activating the lymphatic system, clearing colon blockages, activating and clearing the veins, arteries and capillaries thus activating the skin and the whole system.

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


Are you suffering from an illness or syndrome and the cause cannot be identified through ordinary testing procedures. Hair Tissue mineral testing reveals cellular metabolic activity, evaluating toxic metal exposure and accumulation. By pinpointing metabolic disturbances indicated in hair tissue mineral analysis the appropriate corrective clinical approach can be made and a program can be formulated to decrease toxic metal burdens and restore a more normal biochemical balance.

Kryptopyrroles Analysis


Kryptopyrroles are a secondary product of haemoglobin metabolism and have no physiological function. Kryptopyrroles/ Pyrroluria or Mauve factor is a condition where elevated pyrroles are found in urine. Pyrroles bind to zinc and B6 then all three are removed via the kidneys. Zinc and B6 are therefore unavailable for use in their many enzyme reactions creating deficiency. This often elevates serum levels of copper. Symptoms often include impulsiveness, depression, aggression to irritability, anxiety and poor stress tolerance. More than 20% of people with autism, ASD, ADD, ADHD, depression and behavioural or mood disorders have elevated Pyrroles in their urine. Treatment is usually very successful with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.