Zazen Alkaline Water System

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Replicating Mother Natures water cycle
Converting your tap water into refreshing, alkaline mineral water that hydrates you immediately at a cellular level.
– Alkalises – pH around 7.4 (can increase up to 8.5 pH using our Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer), depending on your source water
– Reduces Fluoride – Up to 90%
– BPA & Phthalate Free with Glass Bottom Tank option
– Tastes Delicious – everyone loves it, especially kids!
– Exceptional Quality – filters harmful THMs, poisonous heavy metals and other bacteria down to 0.2 micron
– Hydrates – immediately at a cellular level
– Nourishes – with a balanced range of essential minerals & electrolytes
– Cleanses – enabling cells to release toxic waste

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