Embark on a pathway to greater health, happiness and well-being. Have the courage to be healthy and improve your energy, vigor & vitality. At Coolangatta Apothecary of Natural Medicine we focus on incorporating the use of several modalities to help you gain optimum Health and Vitality. Our aim is to assist you in transforming your health through great nutrition with wholesome nutritious food so that long term supplementation and medication is avoided.

My aim is to treat the whole body and identify the underlying causes of your health issues not just the symptoms so you not only get well but stay well by identifying the causative factors. We will work together on a health plan with measurable goals to meet your expected outcome, needs, desires. Quality of life can be improved with lifestyle and dietary changes.

Coolangatta Apothecary of Natural Medicine considers a holistic approach to your health and healing where I treat the body as a whole and identify the underlying causes of your health issues not just the symptoms. I aim to educate you and develop preventative strategies so you are in control of your health and that you not only get well and stay well, but also step up to optimal health… and thus live to your maximum potential.

Coolangatta Apothecary of Natural Medicine

Naturopathy, Herbal Dispensary, Vitamins & Minerals

Herbal Tinctures, Bulk Herbs, Herbal Teas, Nutritional Supplements, Essential Oils, Therapeutic creams, Homeopathic and Flower Remedies

Fermentation products: Cultures/ Probiotics including Kefir, Kombucha, Sourdough and Yogurt, Fermentation systems etc

Organic Skin Care, Organic Haircare, Natural Beauty products,

Make your own: Lip balm, Body butter kits, Mineral Makeup kits, Soap making kits

Crystals, Salt and Selenite Lamps, Soap nuts


Patient-focused healthcare – Striving to provide care that is respectful of, and receptive to, individual patient needs, and wants.

Personalised care – Lifestyle, diet, supplemental and herbal recommendations provided to individual needs.

Collective medicine – I will work collectively with your other healthcare professionals to assist you to receive the best possible care.

Providing the uppermost quality care – At Cooly Apothecary Clinic we unite the best of traditional evidence, research evidence, and our experience to provide you with the best in healthcare.

Doctor as teacher – Few people realise that the term “doctor” comes from the Latin word “docere”, which means to teach. As a practitioner I aim to teach you how to best look after your health and the health of your loved ones.

Identify and treat the cause – One of the core tenets of naturopathic medicine, I will use their experience, case-taking skills, and the best of functional and traditional laboratory investigations to identify the causes of your ill health. Once the cause has been identified, then we work with you to develop a treatment plan that best addresses the issues.

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