Naturopath Services

Consultations include: Nutritional assessment, Weight loss/Management, Health and Wellbeing, Diet and life style advice, Food allergy & intolerance testing, Tongue and nail analysis, Hormonal saliva testing.

Naturopath Clinic & Retail shop located in Coolangatta

Free 5 minute consultations, herbal dispensary, vitamins, minerals, organic products and skincare, bulk foods, fermented foods, bliss balls, kefir drinks, candles, salt and selenite lamps, crystals and much more.

Homeopathic remedies
Herbal extracts and formulations (tinctures)

Me Hearteas
Loose Leaf Tea & Herbal Tisanes

Weleda Baby Products
Natural care for mother & baby

Mindful Foods
Solar activated organic nuts

Wild Soap Nuts
Natural laundry care

Zazen Water 
Water filter systems

Himalayan Salt Products

Eco Tan
Organic Tanning Products

Magnesium Life
Bath flakes & Chloride Oil

Natural Beauty Products
Soaps, Deodorants, Hair care products, Organic Sunscreen

Rainbow Living Probiotics
Kefir Water

Coconut Groove
Coconut Water

We stock a large variety of natural medicinal products including:

• Herbal tablets/capsules           • Essential oils             • Therapeutic creams            

• Nutritional supplements         • Flower remedies       • Bushflower essences

• Homeopathic remedies            • Bulk dried herbs       • Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine

We also have a range of:

• Specialty recipe books

• Health and wellness books

• DIY soap making & make-up kits

• Tasty snacks and drinks

• Fair trade gifts

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